In 2017, the Canadian kids science show “SCIENCE AS FUN” got a new host, and as part of the series-relaunch a video crew was hired to go behind-the-scenes and find out what goes into making a great science show.

They never found out. But they did capture the sordid, confused, and angry life of ALBERT FRY, former researcher turned ill-equipped TV host… and possibly the worst man you could hire to teach basic science to kids.

“SCIENCE AF” is the show behind the show – a bitter, hilarious look at a man who always wanted to do great things and had to settle for just barely doing good. It’s a single-camera web-series; equal parts Bill Nye and The Newsroom, Maron meets Mr. Wizard. And it’s Science As Fuck.


Beginning with a simple experiment from Albert’s show “SCIENCE AS FUN,” every episode tells a contained story behind the scenes of a cable kids show, and of the people responsible. Some episodes might be about an explosive fight with Albert’s producer/almost-lover, another one might be about Albert’s mentor returning to be disappointed in Albert’s life. Maybe Albert will try online dating only to wind up hating himself. And all of it will be tied in to a simple scientific principal – exothermic reactions, or entropy, or biology. “Master of None” meets “Beakman’s World”

As the season progresses, something dark will emerge amid the fun and Louis CK style comedy… as Albert receives a death threat, which might be serious, or might be his own subconscious trying to ruin his life. Either way, Albert will start to question those around him, and his reality – and our cameras will be there to capture it all.

Episodes will run around 6-7 minutes in length, and we’ll be using a documentary shooting-style, but no talking-heads or interviews (that’s been done). We’re aiming for 10 episodes in our first season at minimum, with a goal of at least 3 seasons.


Beginning just two weeks into Albert’s tenure as host of Science As Fun, our first season will follow along as the show finds its wobbly legs, as Albert struggles to reconcile with Lainey and his anti-science father, and fights to get out of Rick’s shadow. But when a death threat shows up one day, Albert will have to decide if D-list fame is worth dying for… even if he’s the one doing the killing.


“Science As Fun!” began as a kids science show in the 80’s hosted by PROFESSOR RICK. A fun and whimsical host, Rick was beloved by all – even though he was an insufferable narcissist and phoney. When Rick retired, his protege Albert took the job even though all Albert wanted was to do real science.

And so now we’re here, watching a kids show fall apart, and Albert fall with it.


ALBERT FRY: A scientist with only a mild drinking problem and a severe inability to deal with people, Albert got a job working for Professor Rick as a researcher on the show seven years ago, and absolutely failed to get out of it.

Along the way, Albert has been divorced, he moved in with his father (who is recovering from a stroke), he has ruined three decent relationships, burned every bridge he came across and stands now on the verge of forty with nothing to show for it but his own TV show and the absolute disrespect of everyone he works with. But on the plus side, he meets a lot of single moms.

LAINEY DOLE: Lainey is Albert’s producer, only one year on the job. Albert had harboured an unrequited affection for Lainey and tried to do something about it when he got promoted to host – and then immediately blew it. After that their relationship has been a bit rocky.

Lainey is clever and professional, determined to make the show a success, in spite of Albert’s dislike of children and himself. Lainey also suffers from a mild-to-crippling anxiety which manifests in a lot of yelling in the mirror. She also has some sexual hang-ups which makes the mirror-yelling turn her on. It’s fine.

PROFESSOR RICK: Rick Thompson was the old host of Science As Fun for nearly 30 years, but now he’s retired and only shows up occasionally to make life terrible for his replacement, Albert.

Rick is seemingly the nicest guy in the world to everyone, but when he’s alone with Albert it’s a whole different story. He’s like the mean dad your friends had and you always tried to hide from. Albert is desperate for his approval.

GARY and ELLEN: Gary and Ellen are two interns who work on the show doing all the things that need doing. They are young (20’s), eager, and generally terrible at their jobs. But they mean well – which isn’t the same as competence – but it’s close enough.