Telefilm Supports New Script From Jason Filiatrault



In what must be a sure sign that 2017 won’t be a complete garbage fire, Telefilm Canada will soon announce (buried on some list somewhere, maybe) that Jason Filiatrault’s newest project, Bad Seeds, has been selected for development financing.

Produced by Amber Ripley’s Goodbye Productions and Jason James’ Resonance Films (the partnership behind Jason’s feature, EntanglementBad Seeds is an exciting heist comedy in the vein of Ocean’s 11, but with a decidedly strange twist…

A year after being widowed, Kate Parker is still unable to let go of the life she had. But when she learns that her late husband donated sperm in college and that only one sample remains, Kate decides to break into the cryobank and steal back her one last chance at the family she dreamed off.

With the help of five ladies from her grief support-group, Kate will have to plan the perfect heist in order to keep her husband’s memory alive – uncovering corruption and some seriously criminal behaviour along the way – and ultimately learning that moving on is a lot harder than staying frozen in place.

Bad Seeds is going to be a hilarious, weird, action-packed, empowering, and super entertaining movie one day – and it all starts here, with Telefilm Canada and two amazingly supportive producers. Very excited!


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