Winner of the 2013 Alberta Screenwriter’s Initiative:


Good news everyone!

Yours truly, Feel Canadian’s Jason Filiatrault, is this year’s winner of the Alberta Screenwriter’s Initiative for his project “ENTANGLEMENT.”

From the Writer’s Guild of Alberta:


Calgary, Alberta based screenwriter and author of the screenplay Entanglement, Jason Filiatrault is the recipient of this year’s Alberta Screenwriters Initiative.

Second and third finalists for the award are Jordan Scott for Rock N Roll is Here to Stay and Christopher Webster for Idea Man.  Now in its 7th year, the Alberta Screenwriters Initiative is presented as a joint partnership between the Writers Guild of Alberta (WGA) and the Alberta Association of Motion Picture and Television Unions (AAMPTU).  The initiative is supported by proceeds from past Annual Film and Television Industry Wrap Parties.

This year’s jury had this to say about the winner:

“…by far the most polished and well-written amongst all competitors. As a dark comedy dealing with both mental illness and attempted suicide, I was intrigued right from the get-go.”

“A story about love and loss, suicide and a man and his “not” sister – quirky comedy with a message. This person knows how to write and their dialogue is quite good.”

The Alberta Screenwriters Initiative was created in 2007 to facilitate the development of screenwriters in this province. The Initiative recognizes the importance of story in the creation of filmed entertainment and the necessity to actively encourage and develop the voices of Alberta writers in film.This annual prize awards avid Alberta screenwriters a first prize of $1000 and a professional workshop with a carefully matched experienced story editor or screenwriter. The 2nd and 3rd place winners receives story notes, editorial feedback and $500.00 and $250.00 respectively.


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