Second-Place @ the Screenwriter’s Initiative!


Great news everyone! Feel Canadian’s Jason Filiatrault has placed second in the Writer’s Guild of Alberta 2014 Screenwriter’s Initiative.

After winning the program last year, Jason’s new feature comedy “Three To Get Ready” lost out to Calgary director (and talented wizard) Jonathan Joffe’s new script, while still attracting the eye of a pretty great producer in New York and the mild approval of Jason’s agent, who didn’t like the ending but laughed a bit I guess.

Three To Get Ready tells the story of a newly-engaged couple who decide to cross some items off their sexual bucket-list before getting married, and set out to have a threesome – in spite of having no idea how to make it happen.

It’s a little racy, but mostly just awkward. Like a good Canadian movie ought to be.

Here’s the press release from the Writer’s Guild of Alberta:


Calgary based screenwriter and author of the screenplay Happy Thoughts, Jonathan Joffe is the recipient of this year’s Alberta Screenwriters Initiative.  Second and third finalists for the award are Jason Filiatrault forThree To Get Ready and Stefan Rasporich for The Cabin.  Now in its 8th year, the Alberta Screenwriters Initiative is presented as a joint partnership between the Writers’ Guild of Alberta (WGA) and the Alberta Association of Motion Picture and Television Unions (AAMPTU).  The initiative is supported by proceeds from past Annual Film and Television Industry Wrap Parties.

The Alberta Screenwriters Initiative was created in 2007 to facilitate the development of screenwriters in this province. The Initiative recognizes the importance of story in the creation of filmed entertainment and the necessity to actively encourage and develop the voices of Alberta writers in film.This annual prize awards avid Alberta screenwriters a first prize of $1000 and a professional workshop with a carefully matched experienced story editor or screenwriter. The 2nd and 3rd place winners receives story notes, editorial feedback and $500.00 and $250.00 respectively.


Another Day, Another Short!


Another exciting day for Feel Canadian as we jumped right from the debut screening of our short film Three In A Bed, and right into the sequel… Three In A Car!


Following the same protocols of our last film, the five-page script was written in one 30 minute session and then not edited or rewritten at all before shooting. On the 26th of April, three amazing actors – Mandy Stobo, Evan Wilson, and Sarah Adams came in, along with cinematographer Dan Dumouchel, sound mixer Alex Mitchell, and digital technologist Rick Youck and we shot the film out in a great and inspiring day.

Writer / director Jason Filiatrault will be editing the film over the next couple weeks before deciding where it goes next – but until then, you can look back at the previous post and catch up with our first instalment, Three In A Bed.

Big thanks to the cast and crew and everyone who wished us well and helped out along the way.


“Three in a Bed” is Now On the Internet!


On Saturday April 12th, we had the world-premiere screening of Feel Canadian’s first short film Three in a Bed, starring Mandy Stobo, Evan Wilson, and Sarah Adams.

Featuring wonderful cinematography by Dan Dumouchel and some awesome boom-work from Luke Burton – Three in a Bed played to a packed house at the Globe Cinema in Calgary, and writer/director Jason Filiatrault took part in a short Q&A after the screening.

And now, after that fun success, we’re happy to present the film on-line for your viewing pleasure:


On the Air With CJSW Radio Calgary!


Last week I got to go record an interview on the radio at local independent station CJSW in Calgary. We talked about Three In A Bed and about my friends and writing and movies and Twitter and whatever else came up – it was pretty fun, annnnd I think you can listen to it right here, if you like:

Three In A Bed Goes to CUFF!


Awesome fun news, everyone! Our short film “Three in a Bed” has been officially selected to screen as part of the Calgary Underground Film Festival for 2014!

Written and Directed by Feel Canadian’s Jason Filiatrault, starring Evan Wilson, Mandy Stobo, and Sarah Adams, and photographed by Dan Dumouchel – Three in a Bed is an absurd little short about people eating cereal.

The film screens on Saturday, April 12th at 4:30 as part of the “People Are Strange” shorts package, and you can get more details at the CUFF website.

Hope to see you all there!


Feel Canadian with the WGC!


Just a quick note on this warmish and sprung-forward Monday to say that I put through my paperwork last week to become a full-fledged member of the Writers Guild of Canada.

Not entirely sure what it all means, probably that I have to go fight orcs and battle story-editors on Continuum or something, but all-the-same, it’s a great organization and I’m happy to be  a part of it, and the good work it does on behalf of writers.

Also this week, I’m writing a sitcom pilot for Seven-24 Films (CBC’s Heartland, Borealis) as my final non-guild writing contract – so here’s hoping it goes well!

Big news coming on Thursday, so until then, stay swell.

Shorty Award Nomination!



Weirdly, there has been a lot of news going around Feel Canadian the past month!

First there was the Harold Greenberg Fund announcement, which is great and still a mind-blow. I also wrote some punch up for two different Canadian feature films – one of which was a horror. I was submitted to POSSIBLY write the sequel to a great movie (fingers actually crossed). And there’s even some other big news that I can’t talk about yet!

But, here’s one thing I can talk about, which is that my Mars Rover parody Twitter account, @SarcasticRover, has been once again nominated for a Shorty Award, in the category of “Best NonHuman Account.”

Last year I won this category, and I’m really hoping to take it again, but competition is stiff – as ever.

The nominations were announced by The Hollywood Reporter, and you can learn more about the awards at this link.


Harold Greenberg Fund Announcement!


In some really fantastic news, Jason Filiatrault’s feature comedy script “Entanglement” has been selected for development support from The Harold Greenberg Fund.

The decision was announced at the Canadian Media Production Association’s “Prime Time in Ottawa” on February 20th. In addition to Entanglement, 39 other projects were selected for various levels of funding from story optioning to final draft.

The Harold Greenberg Fun is operated by Astral Media and is one of the most prestigious and competitive film development programs in Canada, having previously supported such films as Goon, Cosmopolis, Stories We Tell, My Awkward Sexual Adventure, and many other award-winning Canadian films over the past several years.

“Entanglement” is being produced and directed by Jason James (That Burning Feeling), and is being developed in conjunction with the National Screen Institute and Movie Central’s ‘Script-To-Screen’ Program.

Press coverage of the announcement can be found at this link.